Alternative: ×2(かけるに) ; Baby Universe ; Kakeru Ni (AKIRA Shouko) ; Times Two
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Author(s): Akira shouko
Artist(s): Akira shouko
Genre: Shoujo , Drama , One shot , Romance,
Type: Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release: 2002
Status: Completed

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When you're in love, life feels like it's been multiplied two times! These five short stories of budding high school romance explore the confusion and exhilaration of falling for someone new! To read a specific story, go ahead and open the chapter as usual and choose the desired page number from the drop down menu ("Page _ of 98"). Each story's page number is listed after its title. ---- Love at First Touch (2) Expiration Date 2001 (20) Second Impression (37) Frequency (55) Baby Universe (75) Can Kengo convince Saki that she's not too grown up to recapture the innocent excitement they felt while searching the sky for UFOs as kids?

X2 chapters