Alternative: 퀸즈 ; Zhi Zun Bo Li Xie
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Author(s): Ha Sung-hyen
Artist(s): Ha Sung-hyen
Genre: Comedy , Gender bender , Romance , Shoujo,
Type: Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release: 2003
Status: Ongoing

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Girly boy Pil-Hyun Jung, also called Teddy Boy, strives to become a real man to win the heart of the girl he likes. He needs help becoming more manly so he becomes an apprentice to the author of a manhwa series about a pretty boy who wants to be a man. As Pil-Hyun works to overcome his problem, his love interest likes someone else, he gains a crazy stalker girl, and the women he lives with are all scary in one way or another. Will life ever go the way he wants it?

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