Ousama ni Kiss!

Ousama ni Kiss!

Alternative: 王様にKISS! ; Kiss the King!
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Author(s): Sera
Artist(s): Sera
Genre: Comedy , Romance , School life , Yaoi,
Type: Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release: 2006
Status: Ongoing

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From Blissful Sin:

On the outskirts of Tokyo, Toubuisazaki High School is known for its mottos of “Yakuza are your friends!” and “Seize the chief’s weakness!” Amidst these scary rumors is the king of the school, high school student Maki: a person with an abrasive personality, who thinks of his classmates as servants. It’s a mystery that Yoshifumi, the school nurse, loves him.
As Yoshifumi uses various tactics to draw Maki closer, how does Maki react? …He likes it!