Oh! My Assistant

Oh! My Assistant

Alternative: 오 나의 어시님
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Author(s): Milla,
Genre: Romance, Smut, Yaoi,
Status: Ongoing

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Naive comic artist Seonho, who draws R-19 series, hires beauty(?)-and-brains Muyoung with outstanding skills to be his assistant. However, working with Muyoung who is too task-oriented and has a prickly temperament, turns out to be a little difficult. Seonho asks Muyoung to pose for him one day to help with a sexy scene, but when he sees how erotic Muyoung's pose is, Seonho's "junior"... that hasn't stood in 2 years, got up. It's hard! It got hard! It finally got hard!

This is an unpredictable, comical and chest-tickling BL story brought to you by Milla and Yalgae!
(Lonely Soul Translations)